Why Yuying?







27th July (Monday) – Youth Day

23th & 24th July – Home-Based Learning for Secondary 1 to 3 classes


Budding Writers Project (competition).  Our school sent in 13 entries from Sec 1 - 3 for the 14th Budding Writers Project (competition) organised by Marshall Cavendish Education. It is a book writing competition that is opened to all primary and...

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 EARLY DISMISSAL FOR TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION on 3rd Sept 2015 -   The school will be having the Teachers’ Day Celebration on 3rd September 2015 (Thursday) in the School Hall. The celebration will begin at 1200 and is expected to end at 1315...

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National Wushu and Sanda Championships 2015   It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of the National Wushu and Sanda Championships 2015. Our Wushu members have managed to clinch awards in the following categories:   2E4  Cindy Lim Xin Yi  ...

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